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German Alexander Zverev reacts after a point. (Photo credit should read PASCAL GUYOT/AFP/Getty Images)

Joel Drucker: The Most Exciting Men in Tennis: Roger, Nick and . . . ?

Was nice yesterday to hear so many responses to a question I tweeted:

2 most exciting tennis players now @rogerfederer & @NickKyrgios, who's your choice for #3?

Tough right now to dispute Roger Federer at the top of the list. How is it possible that the man who for so long had everything now has even more? But he does, everything from his backhand to his movement showing more snap, crackle and pop than a fresh box of Rice Krispies. As the analyst Craig O’Shannessy pointed out yesterday after watching Federer handily beat Juan Martin del Potro, “It ‘feels’ like Roger spends a massive amount of time hovering above the court than actually touching it. When he does make contact, it is only briefly. The purple concrete is simply a launching pad for another assault forward. Another opportunity to allow his body weight to drive through the ball. He is Peter Pan.”

Kyrgios is also compelling. For all the headlines he’s generated with his behavior, inside the lines he can be spectacular, be it with his blistering forehand, the live arm with which he strikes his serve and the Aussie’s command of such shots as the drop volley, tweener and whippy backhand.

So who is number three? Forceful Dominic Thiem, the man with the fantastic one-handed backhand? The sleek and powerful Alexander Zverev? The resurgent Rafael Nadal? Others?

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