WATCH: Whose Fault Was It in the Nadal-Goffin Controversial Call?

Tennis Channel Live crew discusses the now infamous controversial call in the Rafael Nadal v David Goffin semifinal match at the Monte Carlo Masters on Saturday.

In the sixth game of the opening set, Goffin was serving up a break 3-2 and one point away from 4-2 when chair umpire Cedric Mourier overruled the linesman’s call on Nadal’s forehand shot that went wide, which in turn rattled Goffin. Video replay showed Nadal's shot was out, but Goffin couldn't challenge the call because clay court tournaments don't use the now popular Hawk-Eye since the mark is easy to see on clay.

Goffin's Take:

"I think it was 3-2, after 35 or 40 minutes, so the intensity was really high," said Goffin. "All of a sudden you have a mistake like the chair umpire did, it's really tough. After that physically, you know, you feel like it's 4-2, you're sure it's 4-2. You show the mark and everything. You feel like, Okay, I'm in the set.

"I know I need to hold my serve, to start again the game. Physically it was tough and mentally also. I was hundred percent. When you have a mistake like this, you have to give more energy again to come back in the game and to win the game.

"It was maybe too much because I was already hundred percent before."

Nadal's Take:

"I understand that situation didn't help him," said Nadal. "But we cannot be hypocrites and say in a tennis match that a point of 3-2 change everything. In tennis there is a lot of points, no? Is not in football that one decision in some minute make the difference. In tennis, we play so many points.

"It's true that you never know what's going on. If that's 4-2, I don't know if the ball was good or was out. I really don't care because I know I didn't make anything wrong. I was hundred percent correct. That's it.

"I am sorry for him. But I believe that at the end of the day he's happy that he played a great event. He's playing great level of tennis since beginning of the season. He's in a good position to fight for important things because he has the level and he has the confidence."

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