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Player Box: Team Nishikori

Japan's Kei Nishikori has come a long way since the launch of Project 45, an initiative designed to help him reach a higher ranking than former Japanese tennis player Shuzo Matsuoka's highest ranking of 45.

The newly minted 27-year-old is the first male player from Asia to reach the No. 4 ranking (he achieved this feat in March of 2015).

Nishikori, who has become a global household name, is surrounded by a dedicated team that helps him achieve his lofty goals. Meet Team Nishikori:

The Coach - Dante Bottini

A former tennis journeyman, Bottini has been part of Nishikori's coaching team since 2011. He spends the entire season with Nishikori. The Argentinian was part of the IMG Academy coaching staff where he met the Japanese superstar.

The Coach - Michael Chang

44-year-old Chang joined Nishikori's coaching team for the 2014 season. He spends about 25 weeks a year with Nishikori and the team. A former tennis pro, Chang became the youngest player to win a Grand Slam singles title when he won the French Open in 1989 at the age of 17 years and 4 months. Chang also reached the finals of the 1996 Australian and U.S. Opens. A devout Christian, Chang is married to former professional tennis player Amber Liu and they have two daughters and one son.

The Trainer - Koichi Nakao

Nakao serves as world No. 5's physiotherapist and spends every tournament with Nishikori. During his time with the team, he has helped the injury-prone Nishikori stay healthy.

The Trainer - Robbie Ohashi

Nishikori is one of the fittest players on tour, with much of the credit going to his fitness trainer Ohashi. Ohashi spends about 20 weeks a year with Nishikori and the team.

The Manager - Olivier van Lindonk

Manager Van Lindonk is the man behind Nishikori's uber commercial success. His long-term IMG manager since 2004, Van Lindonk handles all his business affairs, endorsements, day-to-day work, and contracts. Some of Nishikori’s fifteen endorsement deals including Japanese Airlines, Jaguar, Nissin, P&G, Lixil and a very lucrative deal with clothing brand Uniqlo.

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