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Petra Kvitova at Club Santa. (Photo credit: Twitter/Petra_Kvitova

Petra Kvitova on Knife Attack: 'My Perspective on Life Has Changed a Lot'

Two-time Wimbledon champion took to social media to give an update on her three-month long recovery following a knife attack that happened during a robbery in her apartment last December.

"Three whole months already since the attack - and let you know that I'm working really hard on my recovery," she wrote on her Instagram post yesterday.

The knife-wielding attacker broke into her apartment and slashed her left hand with a knife, prompting her to undergo an emergency operation.

According to the Czech Republic Fed Cup team spokesperson, Karel Tejkal, nothing is certain right now regarding her comeback.

"Everything is up in the air as to her return," said Tejkal.

"Petra uses her hand without problem for daily activities. Of course, the hand is weakened but at first glance you can't see that she was injured.

"But at the moment no-one can give a concrete date."

This experience has changed the 27-year-old's outlook on life, which happens to a lot of people when they are forced to deal with an adversity of this magnitude.

"My perspective on life has changed a lot and I am doing everything to give myself a second chance to be back on the court," Kvitova wrote.

This past fortnight in Indian Wells, the love for her was on full display as the tennis community signed a giant billboard to show their love.

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