Dogs in Charge of the Balls at Brazil Open

SAO PAULO -- Ball dogs are back at the Brasil Open after a successful 2016 outing. Last year the tournament showcased four dogs from a local shelter during the semifinals and final match.

The tournament partnered with PremieR Pet, a specialist in high quality food for dogs and cats to bring back the popular showcase at this year's Brasil Open. The class of 2017 from NGOs Second Chance Project includes Cindy, Nanda, Pretinha, Mia, Arlete and Ovelha. These six canines will be on hand during the semifinals and trophy match from March 3-4, 2017.

"By bringing the DogDolls to the courts, we again want to show the public that dogs waiting for a home only need high-quality affection, care and nutrition. No matter their origin or age, when they are loved and fed correctly they can be wonderful companions, play, learn new things and accomplish great deeds, "said Madalena Spinazzo

"They are dogs that have had a difficult trajectory, yes, but what we want to point out is not the history suffered from the past, but to prove that no matter what they have gone through, they can be great companions today and in the future!"

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