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Blog: Sam Groth Answers Your Questions on 'My Tennis Life'

Hi guys!

I’ve been in Richmond the past week, where my girlfriend, Britt, lives. I’ve spent my time practicing and rehabbing my groin – a minor injury I got while playing Davis Cup in Australia a few weeks ago. I feel great but opted out of traveling to the tournament in Acapulco so I can give my body a solid amount of rest before the US spring swing starts.

It’s been really nice being in Richmond on this trip. Britt graduates in the spring so this is probably the last time I will be in Richmond for any lengthy period. Richmond has pretty much been my US-base for the past three and half years and I will miss it.

I’m going to be in LA this week – time to get ready for Indian Wells with some prep work and training in LA. I am hoping to make the qualifying draw so I plan to head to the desert at the end of the week.

Before that though, catch me on TC Live on Wednesday at 3:30pm EST – I’ll be in the Tennis Channel studio and looking forward to a live interview.


I want to be able to reach out to you directly so here’s my chance to answer a few questions you threw at me:

From@4The Tennis: How did you switch up your training routine when you came back to tennis from playing rugby?

It was Aussie Rules Football (not rubgy). I was about 40 pounds heavier playing Aussie Rules and most of my training for that was based on strength. Coming back to tennis, I had to lose the weight and focus more on flexibility.

From @playitl: What did you wish you had more of as a tennis junior? More tournies, better equip./coaches…?

Juniors was tough for me because I was from a small country town so access to competition and day to day training was hard – but it allowed me play other sports and keep tennis fresh so I feel like I didn’t burn out early.

From @VividTurnip: How do you get a 100-110 mph serve to 110-120 or even 130?

HA! I don’t know. It’s just natural for me. I’ve always been able to serve hard.

From @panache36: Some players get angry in order to win. You play your best tennis when you are happy on the court. Agree?

I agree – I try to be in that state of mind all the time but sometimes it’s tough. I play clearer when I’m enjoying myself out on court.

Keep the questions coming, I love hearing from you!

That’s it for me for the moment. Going to go enjoy the rest of the day in Richmond before I pack and get ready to hit the road again.


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